Lent and Community

This year for Lent, I am going to put effort into deepening my connection to the cosmic body of Christ.

I lack Christian community.  I don’t spend enough time gathered together with 2 or 3.


I am a member of a church, but I don’t really have a Christian community.  I feel that I am on journey to search and seek the right worship experience and Christian fellowship.  I recently asked the question “Can one be a Christian alone?”  I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t work.  Christ was always with people, sharing his message, sharing the bread and the cup and publicly sharing himself with the world.  I can deepen my individual prayer and study practice as much as I want to (this is my comfort zone), but that is not sufficient for making me a part of the holy catholic Church (with a little c).

I am honestly unsure about my current church affiliation, and I am open to God’s will showing me where to walk at this point.  I’m in a period of discernment that is at times uncomfortable, and I have a tendency to want to skip to the part where I have it all figured out.  I am in a spiritual hurry.  But the more I hurry, the more I feel my wheels spinning in place.

This Lenten season I need to…

Feel God’s Time…

Feel God’s guidance..

Feel my way through deepening my faith without a goal or finish line.  There is no finish line.

So for Lent, I am seeking the Living Christ and his church.  Blessings.


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