Waiting for communion

Today in my class on worship renewal we discussed the Eucharist/communion/Lord’s Supper at great length.  How often is often enough?  And when we aren’t at the Lord’s table, how can we make sure that we bring sacramentality into our worship?

For Catholics and Anglicans we know that the Eucharist is the main event.  But for us garden-variety progressive protestants, it’s a once a month thing.

I think there is room for more sacramentality in mainline worship.  When I visit at Episcopal church I love the incense and the Eucharist and the emphasis on the body of Christ each Sunday.  In my experience, Congregationalists aren’t down with all that hocus pocus.  The simple, white Congregational church is not creedal, its covenantal.  In other words, its about the people, not the sacraments and creeds.

But what about the mystery of our faith?  O Magnum Mysterium.  Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again?  Why does that get ignored for much of the church year?  I love the mystery of our faith.  I love taking communion.  It is sacred to me, and I wish we did it more often.

Why don’t I go to an Episcopal church in that case?  That is a good question.  But I think the answer lies with my evangelical roots.  The mainliners are already different enough, the high church still seems a bit…exotic to me.  With Bishops in their vestments, I am not sure I can fully relate.

What do you all think?


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