I’ve been wearing head coverings out of solidarity with my Abrahamic sisters (hijabi, married Jewish women who wear tischels).  Discovering a community based around the website Wrapuzel, I have really taken to this practice.

Wrapping my hair in the mornings is a meditation.  As I carefully wrap the luxe pashmina or scarf made of silk saris around my head, I feel that it is a physical devotion of my love of God.  Remembering and feeling that I am wearing the scarf reminds me of my connection and helps me to live mindfully.  I also think they are just plain beautiful.

In a time where Muslims and anyone who wears a head covering must live in fear of hateful treatment, it is also a symbol of the strength of the community of faith.  We are here, we care for each other and our faith helps us to live well every single day.  No evil should take that from us.  And anyway, who could be evil when wearing these beautiful colors?







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