My Name is Courtney. I Use Words To Make  Ideas become Reality.

I produce compelling, current content for those seeking a fresh voice and a keen intellect from a writer with a strong devotion to the craft.

A writer-for-hire is writing for you. I want to hear about your goals and use words to help you shine. It’s not about my writing, it’s about putting your mission into a polished and appealing package. You need a writer who cares about the only thing that matters: selling to your potential customers, telling your story, or producing exactly the content you need.

No one likes lingering, unfinished business. I understand that you want a quick turnaround and efficiency in a freelancer, and I write full-time so I can make that happen.

Why not just contact me to find out what I can offer you? If you aren’t interested, that’s fine. I enjoy connecting with people. And people like things that I write, see:



There are a lot of freelance writers and content creators on the internet who are not comfortable enough with the English language to be effective enough to write winning content you or your clients. With me, after a 10 minute Skype consultation, you will be confident that I am a real (and pretty cool) person with a strong command of the English language and a passion for this work. I stand behind my work and I will work until you are thrilled with the results.

If you would like a free phone or Skype consultation, click here to contact me.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


Courtney Hall Lee

P.S. If you have a question about anything feel free to email me anytime. I would love to help.